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Makeup Classes
Offered by
MUA Toria

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1-on-1 Makeup Class - $125

I will teach you the basics of makeup application. If you're a makeup enthusiast looking to learn how to achieve a natural everyday look and get ready in just 30 minutes, this service is perfect for you.


During our session, I will apply your makeup while providing you with step-by-step guided training. You'll have a clear understanding of each technique I use. To help you remember these steps, I will record a video of the session and send it to you for future reference.


As an added bonus, you will receive a goodie bag and a list of affordable products to kickstart your makeup collection. I understand that shopping for makeup can be a hassle, so for a small fee, I offer the option to either purchase the products on your behalf or accompany you to the store as a personal shopper.


Once you've had some practice and feel comfortable doing your own makeup, but still struggle with that perfect winged eyeliner, you can book an intermediate class. In this class, I will guide you step by step as you do your own makeup application, ensuring you master the technique.


With my guidance and expertise, you'll gain the confidence and skills to create beautiful makeup looks on your own. Start your makeup journey with me today and unlock your inner makeup artist!

Group Makeup Class - $150

Join my group makeup class and unlock your inner makeup artist! In this comprehensive session, I will teach you the essentials of a simple makeup application. Gather a group of 5 or more participants, and let's embark on this beauty journey together.


During the class, I will demonstrate each step on a model, allowing you to follow along on yourself. You'll have the opportunity to ask questions and receive guidance throughout the process. I will provide constructive critiques to help you refine your technique and assist you in correcting any mistakes along the way.


To participate, you can either bring your own makeup products or choose to purchase our makeup starter kit (valued at $50). The starter kit includes all the necessary products to achieve a full face of makeup. Please remember to bring your own foundation that matches your skin tone.


As a bonus, you will receive a goodie bag filled with essential items, and I will provide you with a list of affordable products that are included in the starter kit, should you wish to purchase them on your own.


For a more personalized experience, there is an optional 1-on-1 setting available. In this setting, I will apply the makeup on one half of your face, while guiding you step by step to recreate the look on the other half. The end result will be seamless as if one person applied the makeup.


Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your makeup skills in a fun and interactive group environment. Reserve your spot in our group makeup class today and discover the artistry within you!

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